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House of Travel Tauranga: The Crossing Travel Stories

Postcard from Lord Howe Island

Lord Howe Island, NSW Australia.

A true hidden gem of the world unknown to many. I've always described it as stepping into its only eco climate, native flora and fauna with cascading cliff faces and No.1 world Hikes, Mount Gower. 

Postcard from Norfolk Islands

The past 14 years I returned to the island after a decade of living abroad to become the islands resident Wedding Planner with a venue in the heart of Burnt Pine. There isn't much I don't know about Norfolk...

Postcard from Gold Coast

I've frequented the Gold Coast many times over the years, lived in Brisbane for six years and completed school there.

Postcard from Tahiti

Tahiti is my favourite destination. I could feel our culture in my soul when I was there.

Postcards from Europe

Whether it's a Villa in the South of France, a River Cruise on the Rhine or a Coach Tour of Italy, Europe is the diverse destination that captures so many hearts! 

Postcard from Japan

What an incredible opportunity it was to visit Japan!  I traveled here in June 2019, with Wendy Wu Tours.  Japan is such a beautiful country filled with the most Incredible Scenery, Peaceful Temples and Shrines, Exciting Cities and Delicious Food.  

Postcards from Sri Lanka

If you're looking for a destination that is still somewhat untouched by too many tourists then Sri Lanka is the place for you. Such a diverse country!  

Postcards from New York

To Celebrate Ten years with House of Travel in Papamoa, a few of us packed our Winter Woolies and headed to The Big Apple for a week in December 2014.  Visiting New York at this time of year was fantastic! 

Postcards from Cambodia

Cruising on the Mekong meant that you get to see a lot of Cambodia in total comfort.  Seeing life on the river and how the Cambodian people live was very interesting, and travelling with Avalon Waterways was just the icing on the cake, they sure do know how to look after their guests!

Myanmar - My advice - go now!

I'd literally jump at the chance to go back to Myanmar (formally known as Burma) again! The food is to die for, the beaches are beautiful, and it’s so steeped in history and rich culture. 

Postcards from France

I am seriously in love with France, be it the Glitz of Paris, The charming villages of Rural France, be it Provence, Burgundy, coastal or inland I just can't seem too every have enough time here.

Postcards from Africa

AFRICA was a life long dream to experience real wilderness, and when we finally got there it exceeded everything I could have imagined. 

Postcards from the Maldives

Club Med Maldives Kani, May 2016

Arriving into Male airport was an experience in itself, as we arrived via Singapore Airlines straight to our water taxi (located at the airport) that transported us by moonlight to our Clubmed bungalow, set within this garden island close to the waters edge. Upon waking in the morning I loved exploring our island oasis, with turquoise waters and pure white sand.  

Viking Orion Ocean Cruise

My first cruise experience and onboard Viking!

Postcard from Las Vegas!

 How much can you pack into 48 hours in Las Vegas, well it turns out LOTS! 

Postcard from Los Angeles

A quick but super fun trip to LA!  How fun to stroll along the Hollywood Walk of Fame, trying to spot my favourite Movie and Music Superstars!  

Postcard from Bali

Bali- More than just markets and beach clubs! 

Postcard from Hawaii

I visited Hawaii on a family holiday for the first time in 2023.