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Courtney Cameron

Lovely to meet you

As your personal holiday builder I am here to take the stress out of your next holiday. Be it a family trip over the Tasman or romantic getaway to one of the sun soaked Pacific Islands, or maybe a bucket list destination trip. 

I have had 10 years in the travel industry -made up mostly of being an International Flight Attendant. I have been lucky enough to travel to many places and experience many cultures. But there is always somewhere new to go!

I want to take the stress out of the planning so you can focus on the excitement of the trip. I am highly organized and like to ensure everything has been thought of and accounted for. Communicating clearly along the way with you so you feel confident and reassured. 


My favourite holiday memories

  • Venice
    Venice Courtney Cameron

    Meets all expectations. Beautiful Nona's, espresso's, pasta, pizza, beautiful canals, campari cocktails and getting lost in the cobbled streets. Visit the outer islands famous for glass blowing and lace making.

  • Rarotonga
    Rarotonga Courtney Cameron

    Beautiful white sandy beaches and the clearest water! Have fun scooting around the island seeking out new swimming sport or having the famous fish sandwich at Charlies. 

  • Singapore
    Singapore Courtney Cameron

    So much to see and do! As well as the garden lined streets & stunning architecture there's the Gardens by the Bays, a Singapore sling at the famous Raffles Hotel, and finishing off with a delicious dinner at the night markets. 

  • Chile
    Santiago Chile

    A once in a lifetime experience, sitting in the middle of Ande's Mountain Range in a thermal mud pool - Termas Colina thermal pools. 

  • Japan
    Narita Japan

    Japanese people are the most friendliest and helpful. Restaurant filled streets, vending machines in the middle of the streets and as many dumplings as you can stomach!

  • Hawaii
    Hawaii Courtney Cameron

    I was lucky enough to travel to Oahu this past February for the first time. I stayed in Waikiki but really enjoyed hiring a car and getting out to explore the north shore!

  • Rarotonga
    Rarotonga Courtney Cameron

    I was there in September 2022 and was my first experience of the Pacific Islands. I really enjoyed the simplicity of the holiday, and found getting around the island super easy!

  • Los Angeles
    Los Angeles Courtney Cameron

    Love it or hate it and I love this city! I lived here in my early 20s for a year and got to immerse myself in this bustling city. It may not have the European ruins but that doesn't mean there isn't plenty to see and do.

Creating better holidays 

Whatever your travel dreams, I will work with you to create the best holiday possible. The holidays I specialise in include:

  • Family Travel
  • Group Travel
  • Solo Travel
  • Train Journeys

Some of my favourite holiday destinations

ASIA: Hong Kong | Japan | Singapore | Thailand 
AUSTRALIA: Adelaide, South Australia | Brisbane | Gold Coast | Melbourne, Victoria | Perth/Kimberleys, WA | Sunshine Coast | Sydney, New South Wales
SOUTH AMERICA: Argentina | Chile 
SOUTH PACIFIC: Rarotonga, Cook Islands
UK/EUROPE: Germany | England | France | Italy  | Scotland 

Awards & qualifications

  • Bachelor of Tourism Management