Postcard from Norfolk Islands

Reef Carli Christian Hero

Norfolk Island, my home, my heart. 9th Generation Norfolk Island with extensive knowledge of wholesale & retail travel to Norfolk. The past 14 years I returned to the island after a decade of living abroad to become the islands resident Wedding Planner with a venue in the heart of Burnt Pine. 

There isn't much I don't know about Norfolk and strive to share my little piece of paradise with many around the world. 

The island has lovely local produce, small farms and tours which showcase the islands unique way of living. The Hilli Goat Farm is a must do, sunset picnic sports, great produce and shopping can be had at Slick n Sons & Prinkle Eco Store or Norfolk Bath & Body.

Winter can be a hidden gem, pine cabins with fire places, low tides and sunny days. Summer time the island comes alive especially over Christmas period and any school holiday times. Walking tracks are easily accessible, fishing is some of the best you may come across. A Philip Island Trek will make lasting memories for the adventurous. 

Water is swimming temp year round, warmer over the peak summer months with wonderful visibility. A perfect safe haven for families with small children.