Postcards from France

Canal Boat Tanya Aitken

A Family Canal Boat holiday will always be some of my favourite Travel Moments

I am seriously in love with France, be it the Glitz of Paris, The charming villages of Rural France, be it Provence, Burgundy, coastal or inland I just can't seem too every have enough time here.

I love exploring the length and breadth of France, I have a life goal to one day live there and my next birthday is in the planning for a beautiful villa holiday, incorporating all the delightful restaurants, markets, beautiful long summer evenings I will never tire of it.

I have enjoyed so many wonderful holidays and times in France and love helping share with customers my passion for the destination, the incredible travel opportunities available and to encourage people to try the various styles, and choices available for holidays in France.

We will always hunt out the  best regional Winery's

Villa Holidays in France are my perfect holiday

Exploring Ancient Villages a favourite summer passtime

My love of cooking, and discovery of local ingredients 

Even a rainy day is beautiful on the Boulevards of France