Postcard from Lord Howe Island

Postcard from Lord Howe Island Carli Christian

Lagoon Road runs alongside the ocean the entire length of the island

A true hidden gem of the world unknown to many. I've always described it as stepping into its only eco climate, native flora and fauna with cascading cliff faces and No.1 world Hikes, Mount Gower. 

I've taken my children back to Lord Howe three times now as it's so relaxing and super safe for the kids. Every turn is teaming with wildlife in abundance, fish at your feet and the clearest water I've ever seen out of all the destinations I've ever been too. The island and it's locals are super conscious of leaving minimal to no human footprint on it's natural surrounds and they do this very well. 

My dream would be to return and stay at Capella Lodge for an adults only break, amazing views and service and décor located under the huge mountains of the island. 4 days is  enough time to switch off and relax, no amount of time could be too long. 

North Bay, discover by boat, BBQ and be surrounded by the migrating seabirds and turtles.

Glass Bottom Boat Tour ~ Guided tours with Occa and Kayla had the beat glass for bottom viewing and also the hikes up Mt Gower. They are a load of fun! 

Sunsets ~ Every beach along the lagoon front have the best sunset views. Many resorts sit with guests on their own beach fronts for cocktails by the sea or take your own picnic dinner. 

The turtle tour did not disappoint, so many turtles came to say hi, snorkeling was very easy and well organised around a ship wreck. Beach stop and guided walks were included also.  


My Tips

Lord Howe only has a flight from Sydney with Qantas on board a Dash-8, 2 hrs flight time from the domestic airport entirely over ocean.

Accommodation is huge for return visitors, some booking 2 years in advance to secure their stays during high season Sep-April/May.

Form of transport is walking or push bike, restaurants require a reservation serving some of the best fine dining options of Australian cuisine or family relaxed evenings at the clubs. Picnics are mainly catered for by each resort and delivered to the customers preferred picnic spot to wait them after a hike or ride.