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Postcard from Africa

Africa is a truly enriching experience, with my safari experiences leaving an every lasting impression on me, I can’t wait to go back!  

My Trafalgar Tour

I was lucky enough to experience European Tour with Trafalgar Tours.  Our itinerary started in Geneva and finished in Barcelona.  Taking in some of the gems in Provence and Northern Spain. 

Postcard from Pacific Northwest USA.

In September 2019, my brother and I did a two week hiking trip through the Canadian Rockies (amazing). When we finished up in Vancouver, we hired a car for a week and drove a few hours South to cross the border into the US.

Postcard from Alaska

It's funny how certain photos that aren't particularly something you want to print or show other people can evoke memories years later. For me seeing the photo I took from my cabin looking out the balcony reminds me of waking up and...

Postcard from Canada

My brother and I did a camping tour in autumn in Canada. To this day its the most fun I've had in my life. A minivan of people from around the world becoming friends, camping in gorgeous locations, hiking, canoeing, cooking together and just getting up to general shenanigans in one of the most scenic locations I've ever been to. 

Postcard from New Zealand

Postcard from South Island. For those of us who love to travel, how often do we end up missing our own backyards? I was mid-30's before I went on my first proper roundtrip down the South Island...

Postcard from India

Walking through the doors of the Taj Mahal was one of those moments I won't forget. 

Postcard from Seattle and Portland

My family has a love of aviation with three generations of pilots. So when my brother and I were in the Pacific Northwest in 2019 we were excited to visit The Museum of Flight in Seattle, as well as the Evergreen Aviation and Space Museum in McMinnville, Oregon. 

Postcards from France

I am seriously in love with France, be it the Glitz of Paris, The charming villages of Rural France, be it Provence, Burgundy, coastal or inland I just can't seem too every have enough time here.

Postcard from Las Vegas

An internationally renowned major resort city, known primarily for its gambling, shopping, fine dining, entertainment, and nightlife.

Postcard from Dubai

A stopover in Dubai enroute to Europe gives you the chance to experience a stunning city in the desert. 

Postcards from Africa

AFRICA was a life long dream to experience real wilderness, and when we finally got there it exceeded everything I could have imagined. 

Avalon River Cruise Basel to Amsterdam

My Avalon River Cruise experience was incredible and truly exceeded my expectations. 

Postcard from Mamanuca Islands, Fiji

I was lucky enough to get hosted by Tourism Fiji on a trip to the Mamanuca Islands in Fiji (pronounced Mamanuthas).

Cruising on the Danube on Viking

Cruising the Danube on Viking during Christmas time is absolutely enchanting! The combination of exploring the Christmas Markets while enjoying the scenic river views is magical . The aromas of mulled wine and roasted chestnuts definitely adds to the festive charm, especially for us Kiwis from the Southern Hemisphere where we dream of a white Christmas.