Avalon River Cruise Basel to Amsterdam

Shelley Avalon 4
My cruise was an Active Discovery trip for Basel to Amsterdam on the Rhine River.  Being Active actually means they offer a few more optional tours that may take in E bikes kayaks or longer walks.  There are still your traditional sightseeing tours which allows you to be as active or as in-active as you like. The tours and leaders were very informative, taking us into the old town of most towns.  We got to sample many local delicacies, and enjoy their hospitality.  We learnt a lot about the war and the colorful history of the areas we were in, with often a personal experience provided by the guide. One option that was offered to us was a painting class.  This was in Amsterdam in an old Maritime Museum, full of lots of national light.  Painting sunflowers like Van Gogh was a real highlight for me, and I got to bring my creation home!   

Whilst onboard having a Panorama Suite was a luxury.  Getting the option to sit on your bed and watch the world go by was special.  It was so nice to have that floor to ceiling window to get lots of natural sunlight into your room and being able to open the sliding door right back to let in lots of fresh air.  The Ship offered wonderful meals which did exceed my expectations, accompanied by local wines and beers from the regions.  Also Happy hour was an added bonus with free flowing drinks after a day of exploring before heading down to dinner. 

River Cruising is such a relaxing way to explore parts of Europe.  Being able to unpack once and having someone else do the thinking for you (especially at the end of a holiday) is a real treat.   I can’t recommend Avalon highly enough!