HOT New Plymouth Team 3

House of Travel New Plymouth Travel Stories

On board the Spirit of Enderby

The Spirit of Enderby is an expedition ship carrying just 50 passengers. Sailing from Honiara the capital of the Solomon Islands we discovered idyllic islands and isolated villages where unique time-honoured traditions are still alive. Life has changed little as visitors from the outside world often only arrive once a year.

Postcard from Bali

When we visited Bali with friends and I was really impressed. There is plenty of options of things to do to keep you busy or just sit and relax at the beach or by the pool.

Cruising on Ocean Insigna

Cruising on Oceania Insigna from Boston to Montreal was so lovely.

Postcard from the Gold Coast

Heading to the Gold Coast for the first time in 14 years for conference was enlightening.

Postcard From Europe

This year I was lucky enough to take my family to Europe.  

Postcards from Italy

We used Naples as a base for the first 2 nights to go off and see other things, but whilst there we saw Castel Nuovo which was very cool – We paid the extra 10 Euros for the guided tour as well which was worth it! It gave us access to more of the castle, including the roof which gave some great views over the city and ocean.