Cruising on Ocean Insigna

Welcome to Canada Tracey Edgecombe

Cruising on Oceania Insigna from Boston to Montreal was so lovely.

The service, food and drinks was incredible and a great way to see the highlights of the coast. With only 650 passengers there was no waiting and everyone was made to feel special.

Quebec city was my favourite stop. What a stunning city and to be there during the fall colours with the chateau standing over the city just WOW.
For our time in Montreal we got a wee bit of snow. Nothing like timing! We were sitting in the oldest French Patisserie in Montreal eating amazing pastries and watch the snow fall outside only for the skies to clear to crystal blue again when it was time to head out again.
I would highly recommend the whole experience. 

The lovely Oceania Insigna                                                                                    French Pastries in the oldest patisserie in Montreal 

Nothing like enjoying a cocktail or two onboard                                               Quebec City - such a stunning old town