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Postcard from Paris

One of the best ways to experience a country is to try their local cuisine. 

Postcard from Mykonos

This was taken on a roadside in Mykonos, where we met a bunch of like minded travelers and all hired mopeds to explore the island beaches.

Postcard from San Siro Stadium

It is well known that New Zealand is crazy about sport, but attending this football changed my perspective of the word crazy. 

Postcard from Amalfi Coast

Here I completed the 'Path of the Gods' walk from the top of Bomerano, down into Positano. It really felt like I was in the clouds...

Postcard from Mauritius

My wife "Kate" and I always say, "We will always have Mauritius". We stayed at the beautiful "Lux Grand Gaube Resort"...

Postcard from Heidelberg

One of my best and most recent travel memories was my trip to Europe with my daughter Tayler.