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Sophie McGeady

Lovely to meet you

My immense passion for travel has given me the opportunity to get my foot in the door to becoming a travel consultant. Each day I’m growing my knowledge further, whether that be hearing wonderful travel stories, to doing research on countries, destinations, and activities, simply for fun. There is nothing more exciting than planning a holiday. It’s the first steps to an incredible experience – whether that be a country you’ve never visited before that is halfway across the world, or even if it is across the ditch, there’s always something new to discover as two holidays are never the same. Being able to create this experience for people is something I’ve always been passionate about and am incredibly excited to help start planning yours.


My favourite holiday memories

  • Tokyo
    Tokyo Sophie McGeady

    Visiting Senso-ji in Asakusa, the oldest temple in Tokyo and one of the most visited temples in all of Japan was such an incredible experience and something I'll never forget. Everywhere you look there was amazing architecture of the beautiful temples and shrines. My hot tip would be to go at night - not only is it less crowded resulting in it being much quieter, but all the temples light up, making it an even more magical experience.

Some of the destinations I have explored

ASIA: Japan
AUSTRALIA: Brisbane, Queensland | Gold Coast, Queensland | Melbourne, Victoria | Perth/Kimberly, Western Australia

Awards & qualifications

  • New Zealand Certificate in Travel Level 4
  • Aussie Specialist
  • Fiji Specialist
  • New Zealand Diploma in Tourism and Travel Level 5