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Postcard from Japan

There is something for everyone in Japan. 


CONTIKI!! I was lucky enough to travel to the Southern USA with Contiki and explore the amazing Nashville, Memphis and New Orleans.

Postcard from Fiji

Fiji is one of the friendliest places on earth and the perfect place to travel with young kids.

Postcard from Norway

Travelling in Norway is like a picture postcard all the time!  Join a Hurtigruten Cruise translated as "Express Route" and spend 6-12 days cruising the coastline visiting beautiful quaint villages, towns and cities.  

Postcard from Japan

Everything was amazing, so it’s a hard call. Kidzania was an incredible experience and a favourite for our daughter (just turned 6). It was an absolute dream destination for our daughter who adores playing make believe. Kidzania is an amusement park set up so children can try out grown-up jobs. But it’s done sooooo well.