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Robyn Oretsky

Lovely to meet you

For me, travel has been more than just a series of destinations,  it has been a transformative journey that has sculpted my character and contributed to my personal evolution.  My travel experiences are not merely about ticking off destinations from a bucket list, but about immersing myself in the heart and soul of each place I’ve visited visit.  

My early travels began with frequent road trips around my home country of Canada and the USA, and I am fortunate enough to have now been to six of the seven continents.  Exploring the world through various modes of transportation has been a thrilling adventure for me, from cruise ships, to trains, to rickshaws, and I have an appreciation for the experiences that local transport offers.  I am comfortable with sleeping in a hammock in the rainforest, an overwater bungalow in the South Pacific, and everything in between.  

My experiences have taught me to adapt to different situations and understand diverse perspectives, and my background in customer service and sales has equipped me with valuable skills that I believe make me well-suited for various client needs. I believe this makes me well-suited to meet your needs as a client. Whether it's finding solutions to problems or anticipating your preferences, I strive to provide an exceptional service tailored to you. My aim is to not just meet but exceed your expectations by drawing on my varied background.

My enthusiasm for travel is infectious, and it is my goal to inspire others to embark on their own adventures and discover the beauty of our planet.


My favourite holiday memories

  • Thai Sailing
    Thai Sailing Robyn

    Sailing in the Andaman Ocean and getting to experience several different islands in a day was such a unique way to see Thailand.  Not only did you get to arrive at peak destinations before the crowds, but the on-board chef made some of the freshest and tastiest food I have ever had!

  • Peru
    Peru Robyn Oretsky

    Cuzco is one of the coolest cities I have ever been to, but the highlight was the challenging four days of hiking the Inca Trail and arriving at Machu Picchu for sunrise. What a legendary experience. 

  • Niue
    Niue Robyn Oretsky

    This island is like nothing else in the South Pacific!  Don't go for the beaches, but do go for the chasms, the rugged coastline, the whale watching, the deep-sea fishing, and of course a burger at the Washaway Bar on a Sunday. 

  • Bali
    Bali Robyn Oretsky

    Bali has so much to offer which is what makes it such a perfect holiday choice for any sort of traveler.  For a step back in time, visit the Gili Islands, where the only modes of transport are a horse & buggy or a bicycle, and dine at beachfront restaurants serving the freshest seafood you've ever had.

  • Korea
    Korea Robyn Oretsky

    Korea still felt very much off the beaten track to me, but the outstanding infrastructure makes this country so easy to navigate.  It's raw and recent history is so interesting to learn about and visiting the DMZ is an absolute highlight.  

Creating better holidays 

Whatever your travel dreams, I will work with you to create the best holiday possible. The holidays I specialise in include:

  • 18yr-30 Something Travel
  • Hiking Walking
  • Adventure
  • Coach Touring
  • Couples Travel
  • Family Travel
  • Group Travel
  • Luxury Travel
  • Road Trips
  • Solo Travel
  • Train Journeys

Some of the destinations I have explored

AFRICA: Morocco 
ASIA: Bali, Indonesia | China | Hong Kong | India/Nepal/Bhutan | Japan | Korea | Malaysia/Borneo | Myanmar | Philippines | Singapore | Sri Lanka | Taiwan | Thailand | Vietnam/Cambodia/Laos
AUSTRALIA: Adelaide, South Australia | Brisbane, Queensland | Gold Coast, Queensland | Melbourne, Victoria | Sunshine Coast, Queensland | Sunshine Coast, Queensland | Sydney, New South Wales
MIDDLE EAST: Dubai, UAE | Egypt/Jordan | Turkey 
NORTH AMERICA: Belize | Canada | Caribbean | Hawai'i | Mexico | USA
SOUTH AMERICA: Argentina | Columbia | Chile | Equador | Galapagos Islands | Peru
SOUTH PACIFIC: Fiji | Niue | Rarotonga, Cook Islands | Samoa | Tahiti | Tonga | Vanuatu 
UK/EUROPE: Austria | Croatia | Czech Republic | Germany | Hungary | England | France | Italy | Greece | Netherlands | Slovenia | Slovakia | Spain/Portugal | Turkey