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James Greer

Lovely to meet you

Travel and overseas experiences have always been a huge part of my life for the past 30 years....

Have you ever wondered why people build sandcastles? All that time and effort to building to what purpose as it will just get washed away? 

I’ve thought about it, life is not about the things you have, or that you can tangibly touch, but about the experiences and enjoyment of the many memories we create and that’s what holidays are all about, enriching lives through travel.


My favourite holiday memories

  • India
    James Greer India Memories

    All over India, there are boutique heritage hotels and Havelis, which are converted palaces and traditional mansions for a unique stay. My favourite is the Lake Palace in Udaipur.

  • Singapore
    Sing3 1

    Singapore: a shopaholic and foodie paradise. Great family destination with resorts on Sentosa Island with attractions like Universal Studios Singapore, S.E.A. Aquarium, and Adventure Cove Waterpark. A wonderful short or long stay!

  • Norway
    Norway James Greer

    Hiking to Preikestolen (The Pulpit Rock) which towers 604 metres above the Lysefjord is highlight to my trip to Norway - not for the faint hearted!  

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  • Rarotonga
    Raro 2 James Greer

    My favourite winter getaway destination, gorgeous beaches and sunsets.... my recommendation is to hire a car, and truly explore the Island, Inland waterfalls and swimming holes, local restaurants, art galleries, less crowded snorkeling areas... 

    A perfect holiday for a couple, family of intergenerational family group.

Some of my favourite holiday destinations

ASIA: Bali, Indonesia | Hong Kong | Japan | Malaysia/Borneo | Singapore | Thailand | Vietnam/Cambodia/Laos
AUSTRALIA: Adelaide, South Australia | Brisbane | Gold Coast | Hobart, Tasmania | Melbourne, Victoria | Sunshine Coast | Sydney, New South Wales
MIDDLE EAST: Dubai, UAE | Turkey
NORTH AMERICA: Canada | Hawai`i | USA
SOUTH PACIFIC: Fiji | New Caledonia | Rarotonga, Cook Islands | Samoa | Tahiti | Tonga | Vanuatu
UK/EUROPE: Croatia | Denmark | Germany | Hungary | Ireland | England | France | Italy | Greece | Netherlands | Norway/Finland | Scotland | Poland | Scotland | Spain/Portugal | Switzerland | Turkey | Wales

My travel stories

Postcards from India

Wow ! As a destination, the Rajasthan in India is rich in cultural and offers a captivating experience. 

Postcards from Singapore

Singapore, is a clean and safe holiday destination or a stopover .... always warm to hot weather, spectacular garden and green spaces such as ‘Gardens by the Bay’ and the Jewel as seen in the pics! 

Postcards from Norway

I loved Norway, such a unique country and diverse. Norway a modern city with history, scenic mountainous areas, UNESCO parks with epic train journey to Flam and Geiranger fjord. Viking Museums and many many more highlights.

Postcards from Japan

Japan – a land of so many contrasts ... highlights for me was Tokyo’s busy Shibuya Crossing, thousands of people make their way across the intersection every few minutes. 

Awards & qualifications

  • New Zealand Certificate in Travel Level 4
  • Cruise Line International Association
  • Visit Britain