Postcard from Machu Picchu

Peru Suzanne Andrews

Our Family Intrepid Holiday into Peru included visiting awe-inspiring Machu Picchu . The site is obscured from sight, until you begin your journey up the mountain – no wonder it remained ‘lost’ for so long!

To unravel the secrets of Machu Picchus ancient past, using a knowledgeable guide is a must. Allow time to explore the area – sit and soak up the history then walk back up part of the Inca trail to the Sun gate - giving you views over the ruins and the surrounding Andean mountain landscape.

If walking the Inca trail is not for you, then I can recommend the train (which we did). Arriving the day before in Aguas Calientes allows you to be one of the first to catch the bus up the winding road to the ancient site.

On our Intrepid trip we also had the privilege of going to the Amazon; nothing like going to sleep hearing the animals in the jungle calling to each other or going fishing for Piranhas! This part of the world leaves you wanting to go back for more!

Soaking up the history!

Amazon - so much wildlife


Machu Picchu & Andean Mountains