Netherlands and Belgium by Bike & Barge on the Magnifique II

IMG 1804 Melissa Wallace Netherlands

Amsterdam is a place to visit, so much to explore.  Not all hotels are accessible by road, the train system is so easy and is right in the centre of Amsterdam. 

Found the people were helpful if you needed help.  I was told to book in advance online for Anne Franks house, glad we did, as other people were disappointed and had to wait. 

We only stayed 1 night, would suggest a better hotel than when we stayed, but I can give you pointers on this.  Next day we did abit of sightseeing, my girls were super excited on our barge holiday ahead. 

Magnifique II is wonderful, the cabins were a good size, we were very fortunate to be upgraded to the suite, Amazing! You bike during the day, with sightseeing and picnic lunch (you make at breakfast). Your evening meal is pure bliss and you talk with other guests about their experiences.

The itinerary we did was Amsterdam, Dordrecht, Antwerp, Ghent and Bruges.  You have the option of self-guided or guided with either a normal 18 speed bike or e-bike for a small surcharge.  The personal Guide is very knowledgeable, 100% love this way of travelling.