Postcards from Italy

IMG 0532 Italy Melissa Wallace

I am very fond of Italy, and get very excited helping my clients plan the very best holiday.  I have been to Italy for work and pleasure, flying Emirates up to Bologna is a great airport to start, and situated between Venice and Florence.  

What's my favorite town? gosh.... this is a hard one to answer... Siena has a yearly province horse race in the town square, they are crazy! (we called our bout after this town). Florence I have the best leather bag, San Gimignano has the best Gelateria Dondoli (Ice cream) and people lineup to get theirs. And wine tasting and food is incredible. We even made our own lunch at this cooking school when we were doing the Via Francigena pilgrim walk with Utracks Travel.

My husband and I hired a Peugeot for 40 days, (minimum hire is 20 days), your insurance and roadside assistance is included in the hire, a great way to get out there and explore other parts that aren't on the normal tourist list.  We loved this little coastal beach town call Peschici, (Provence of Foggia).  Their English is limited, but that's what travelling is about.  

Love Lake Como, Venice, Amalfi Coast, Lake Gadia, Pisa, Cinque Terre, Rome, and so many more places to list.