Postcards from Germany

Oktoberfest Ashanti Ramsey Hamilton

I have been to Germany a few times but one of my most favourite stand out moments would have to be celebrating Oktoberfest! As accommodation can be crazily expensive, at the time I went with a camping style company that offered a tent, breakfast, dinner and unlimited Sangria and beer at a fantastic price. Who could say no? 

The vibes and atmosphere at was incredible! Ordering multiple Steins felt like the perfect obligation. Everybody was singing and being merry and standing on the tables and roaring chants at the top of your lungs was encouraged! There were many tents you could access to enjoy the festivities (some I would definitely recommended getting tickets in advance for), unlimited schnitzel and bratwurst and tones of rides and fun activities to fill your time. I would highly recommend experiencing this at least once in your life, enjoyable at any age!