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Sasha Marshall

Lovely to meet you

My favourite holiday memories

  • Egypt
    Egypt Sasha Marshall
    Completely mind blowing.  Never seen anything so surreal in my life.
  • Ayutthaya
    Ayutthaya Sasha Marshall

    The history and the cultural was magical.

  • Singapore
    Singapore Sasha Marshall

    An expected delight.  The mix of cultures, architecture and man-made splendor was so cool.

  • Monument Valley
    Monument Valley Sasha Marshall

    Had the privilege of spending time in this beautiful area with the Navajo Indians. Once in a lifetime experience.

  • Vanuatu
    Vanuatu Sasha Marshall

    One of my favourite South Pacific Islands.  The people, culture and cuisine are incredible.  Warm, fun & welcoming.

Some of the destinations I have explored

ASIA: Bali, Indonesia | Hong Kong | Malaysia/Borneo | Singapore | Thailand
AUSTRALIA: Brisbane, Queensland | Gold Coast, Queensland | Melbourne, Victoria | Sunshine Coast, Queensland | Sydney, New South Wales
MIDDLE EAST: Dubai, UAE | Egypt/Jordan
SOUTH PACIFIC: Fiji | New Caledonia | Rarotonga | Vanuatu

What my customers have to say

  • Sasha replied very quickly to my request for a quote. Organized travel dates and accommodation to suit us. Provided quote for travel insurance. She was quicker and more efficient than any of the other travel consultants I contacted.

Awards & qualifications

  • Aussie Specialist
  • Fiji Specialist
  • Tourism New Zealand
  • Vanuatu Specialist
  • New Zealand Diploma in Tourism and Travel Level 6
  • Las Vegas Specialist