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Kate Harris

Lovely to meet you

I have a passion for travel and have been lucky enough to have visited a range countries.   

I would love to share my experiences with you and help your turn your dreams into reality.


My favourite holiday memories

  • New York CIty
    Kate Little Island NYC Broadway

    This has to be my favourite city by far!  It has everything you could want and everywhere you turn, there is something to see.  Even though it’s a huge city, there are so many green spaces amongst it.  I could go back to this city over and over and still never run out of things to do.

  • Niagara Falls
    Kate Niagara Falls Broadway

    I went here in May 2023 and although it had never really been on my Bucket List, I absolutely loved it!  Doing the boat ride out to the Falls is an absolute must.

  • California
    California Kate Broadway

    I have been lucky enough to go several times, but on this particular trip I went with 2 of my daughters and had a blast!  We stayed in Hollywood, did the Hop On Hop Off bus and visited Santa Monica and of course spent several days at Disneyland – just magical

  • Washington DC
    Kate Washington DC Broadway

    I loved Washington .  The History, all the amazing Museums.  It’s a beautiful city.

Some of the destinations I have explored

ASIA: Bali, Indonesia | Hong Kong | Malaysia/Borneo | Singapore
AUSTRALIA: Brisbane | Gold Coast | Melbourne, Victoria | Perth/Kimberleys, WA | Sunshine Coast | Sydney, New South Wales
SOUTH PACIFIC: Fiji | Vanuatu
UK/EUROPE: England | France | Greece | Switzerland | Turkey

Awards & qualifications

  • New Zealand Certificate in Travel Level 4
  • Aussie Specialist
  • Fiji Specialist