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Gary Harley

Lovely to meet you

As a child I was fascinated by the world map and used to imagine what those far off countries would be like to visit.

I caught the travel bug from that early age and haven't stopped travelling.


My favourite holiday memories

  • Egypt
    Gary Hartley Egypt

    This image of the Pyramids at Giza was taken at sunrise from my bedroom balcony at the iconic Mena House Hotel. A moment I will always remember.

  • Zimbabwe, Africa
    DSC_1317 Gary Harley Bhutan

    I find this image quite confronting, it was taken from an underground hide at Bomani Lodge in Hwange National Park. The elephants are drawn to the front of the hide by a strategically placed water source. I was glad I was under cover.

  • Angkor Wat, Cambodia
    DSC_0628 Gary Harley Cambodie

    Siem Reap was the last destination on my journey up the Mekong River which began in Vietnam. There are a vast number of Angkor ruins to visit but the most prominent is the temple of Angkor Wat. These mysterious ruins had always fascinated me and it was thrilling to stand before them.

  • The Grand Canyon, USA
    DSC_0473a Gary Harley Africa

    I was booked to do a tour of some of the USA National Parks unfortunately the day I was due to fly out the USA government shut down and this meant all National Parks were closed. I went to the US in any case on an alternate tour which included the Grand Canyon. Fortunately it reopened the day before we arrived in Arizona.

  • Bhutan
    Gary Hartley Bhutam

    This image is taken half way up the walk to the sacred temple of Paro Taktsang also know as the Tiger's Nest Monastery. The temple is perched on the cliffs of the upper Paro Valley in Bhutan. I do a lot of hiking however I was not acclimatised for this one as you need to factor in the altitude which makes it slow going. Truly an amazing experience that I will never forget.

Some of my favourite holiday destinations

AFRICA: Botswana/Namibia | South Africa | Zimbabwe/Zambia/Mozambique
ASIA: Bali, Indonesia | China | Hong Kong | India/Nepal/Bhutan | Japan | Malaysia/Borneo | Singapore | Thailand | Vietnam/Cambodia/Laos
AUSTRALIA: Adelaide, South Australia | Brisbane | Darwin/Red Centre | Gold Coast | Melbourne, Victoria | Sunshine Coast | Sydney, New South Wales
MIDDLE EAST: Dubai, UAE | Egypt/Jordan
NORTH AMERICA: Canada | Hawai`i | Mexico | USA
SOUTH AMERICA: Argentina | Brazil
SOUTH PACIFIC: Fiji | Rarotonga, Cook Islands
UK/EUROPE: Austria | Germany | England | France | Italy | Greece | Scotland | Spain/Portugal | Switzerland 

Awards & qualifications

  • New Zealand Certificate in Travel Level 4
  • Aussie Specialist
  • Visit Britain