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House of Travel Whangarei Travel Stories

Postcards from Vienna

Vienna has ton's of history, Mozart has this garden and memorial in his honor, and they still play his music today. 

Postcards from Budapest

Budapest holds a special place in my heart, this is where my dad and family come from, they escaped the Hungarian Revolution and had their own adventure before arriving in NZ.  

Postcards from Italy

I am very fond of Italy, and get very excited helping my clients plan the very best holiday.  I have been to Italy for work and pleasure, flying Emirates up to Bologna is a great airport to start, and situated between Venice and Florence. 

Postcards from Rarotonga & Vietnam

Vietnam is truly incredible, everything is so cheap, lots of styles of travel from adventure to romantic and golfing getaways.  The people are lovely, the cities can be a little rough round the edges, but the service you receive is a must visit, I'm going back with my family one day!

Netherlands and Belgium by Bike & Barge on the Magnifique II

Amsterdam is a place to visit, so much to explore.  Not all hotels are accessible by road, the train system is so easy and is right in the centre of Amsterdam.