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Postcard from Namibia

What an amazing experience doing a safari in Namibia, South Africa, the scenery, wildlife and the people made this a trip of a lifetime...

Postcard from Cinque Terre

The Cinque Terre is a very memorable holiday for me as this is where my husband proposed! It is made up of 5 little seaside fishing villages...

Postcard from Hawai`i

Another memorable holiday, honeymoon in Hawai`i! We stayed on the mainland and hired a car to drive around the Northern beaches...

Postcard from Thailand

What an adventurous trip around Thailand! Starting in Chiang Rai, right up to the border of Myanmar by scooter!

Postcard from Paris

I love Paris!! I have been here a few times and it never loses the excitement!! One of my most favourite things I have done in Paris is the Fat Tyre Bike evening tour.