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Postcard from Mexico

In 2021-22 I spent 4 months travelling around Mexico, after what was meant to be a 3 week trip on the way to California! I honestly wasn't prepared for what an incredible time it would be.

Postcard from Egypt

Egypt was a dream come true for me! My obsession started as a child, in awe during history classes on Ancient Egypt. To actually walk the streets, swim in the River Nile and see the monuments I'd had visions of for most of my life was a feeling beyond words!

Sao Tome and Principe

Located in West Africa, this stunning Island Nation that is East of Gabon goes fairly unnoticed by most of the world. My love of flags encouraged me to book the ticket when a flight alert came up for a 50% reduction compared to normal fares. The main language here is Portuguese, some people might speak English or French and you can definitely get by with Spanish too.    

Postcards from Germany

I have been to Germany a few times but one of my most favourite stand out moments would have to be celebrating Oktoberfest! As accommodation can be crazily expensive, at the time I went with a camping style company that offered a tent, breakfast, dinner and unlimited Sangria and beer at a fantastic price. Who could say no? 

Postcards from Sri Lanka

I don't think I've ever been to a country where the locals smile so much and are so willing to do anything they can to help you. I spent 6 weeks volunteering at my friends hostel in Ahangama, a town in the south known for its many surf spots, laid back vibes and fun nights.