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Danielle Reiser

Lovely to meet you

After years of doing different things and living overseas I joined House of Travel Riccarton and got back to doing what I love most - Travel! Organising trips for people that will make memories to last a lifetime.

I've been to loads of different places and lived in the States for several years so know New York well. Love the Middle East and Turkey is a favourite of mine but there are so many special places in the world it's hard to narrow down the choices.

I will make sure I give you the best experience possible - look forward to working with you on planning any trip and making it special :)


Some of the destinations I have explored

ASIA: Bali, Indonesia | China | Hong Kong | India/Nepal/Bhutan | Japan | Malaysia/Borneo | North Korea | Singapore | Thailand | Vietnam/Cambodia/Laos
AUSTRALIA: Brisbane, Queensland | Melbourne | Sydney, New South Wales
MIDDLE EAST: Egypt/Jordan | Turkey
NORTH AMERICA: Caribbean | Hawai'i | USA
SOUTH AMERICA: Bolivia | Peru
SOUTH PACIFIC: Fiji | New Caledonia | Vanuatu
UK/EUROPE: Austria | Belgium | Czech Republic | Germany | Hungary | Ireland | England | France | Italy | Greece | Netherlands | Scotland | Spain/Portugal | Switzerland | Turkey | Wales
ANTARCTICA: Antarctica

Awards & qualifications

  • New Zealand Certificate in Tourism Level 3
  • New Zealand Certificate in Travel Level 4
  • New York Destination Expert Training