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Minji Park

Lovely to meet you

Minji was born and raised in South Korea; and from an early age travel has been her biggest passion. This inspired Minji to study tourism management and become a tour guide in Japan and South East Asia. 

Minji has led tours all around Japan, Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam, Laos; while also backpacking extensively throughout Europe, Australia and Canada while living in London, Vancouver and Sydney, spending at least a couple of years in each country. 

"I am so passionate about sharing my local knowledge and amazing travel experiences with people. Being a travel agent is the perfect job for me." 

Years in the industry: 10 
No. of countries visited: 31
Favourite place to visit: Japan
Next place on the list to visit: Safari in Africa

"Investment in travel is an investment in yourself" - Matthew Karsten

Why I love travel 

I love meeting new people, discovering new cultures, tasting new food and beers and having new experiences. Travel is the best way to tick all the boxes and be inspired. 

It is exciting and rewarding to help make my clients' holiday easier with better value and making it more memorable with my travel knowledge and organisation skills. I just love talking about travel, and hearing about their holiday when they return home is the best part of my job. It is very rewarding to hear what a great time they had. I am continuously learning about new travel destinations and new products and experiences so I never get bored. 

My top travel tips

  • Pack as light as you can (except for cruises). Heavy luggage can be tedious to manage and exhausting just getting on/off trains. 
  • Give us all the information when we are planning as we can together check passport expiry dates, visa requirements as well as full journey COVID 19 requirements. 
  • Try to pre-book and pay in NZ dollars. If you pay locally, you will need to pay in local currency and the banks will apply their exchange rates plus international transaction fees. 
  • Don't assume flights and accommodation will have availability later. It is the best to book now!

My top destinations

  •  Japan – Japan is the country that I have travelled through the most and I can never tire of it.  Japan offers so much, from old historic shrines and temples to the most modern architecture and latest technology, fascinating culture, beautiful nature areas and incredible food. It is also a very safe and easy place to travel so I recommend it for all types of travellers.
  • Spain - I love the Andalusia region in particular, including Granada and Ronda. You feel like you are walking back in time, or perhaps through a movie set with the many sublime landscapes, spectacular vistas and famous historic sites. A warm evening drinking sangria with some delicious tapas over a view of Alhambra is a personal favourite. 
  • Vietnam - you can have an amazing experience within a very affordable budget. In one day, you will see more motorbikes than you have seen in your entire life. Interesting French Colonial architecture and indigenous castles and villages, beautiful beaches and rice paddies, the little art and culinary boutique town of Hoi An, unique and delicious food, UNESCO Heritage site Ha Long Bay and much more. 
  • Galapagos - If you are into wildlife, this is one of the ultimate places in the world to visit. I still say Galapagos was the best travel experience in my life. The everyday encounters with unique species of sea lions, turtles, tortoises, all different types of birds, penguins, sharks, rays, marine iguana are unforgettable. The best part for me was diving amongst schools of hammerhead sharks and eagle rays inside the crater of a submerged volcano.

What's in my suitcase

  • Foldable backpack - It is the best thing ever. I always put one in my bag, and it is perfect for a casual day out exploring.
  • Travel organiser bags - I have one for clothes, one for underwear/socks and one for toiletries. It will make your pack/unpack so much easier. 
  • Compact rain jacket and small collapsible umbrella - You will always have some rain during your holiday but unless you are expecting lots of it, you don't want these items to take too much space in your travel bag. 


Where I have travelled to

ASIA: China | Hong Kong | Japan | Korea | Thailand | Vietnam/Cambodia/Laos
AUSTRALIA: Adelaide, South Australia | Darwin/Red Centre | Melbourne, Victoria | Sydney, New South Wales
MIDDLE EAST: Egypt/Jordan
SOUTH AMERICA: Equador | Galapagos Islands
UK/EUROPE: Austria | Belgium | Croatia | Czech Republic | Germany | Hungary | Ireland | England | France | Italy | Greece | Netherlands | Norway/Finland | Scotland | Spain/Portugal | Switzerland

What my customers have to say

  • Minji was great. She planned our trip with only 3 weeks notice, and took all of our needs into account

Awards & qualifications

  • Bachelor of Tourism Management