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Brendan Drury

Lovely to meet you

Since I was young, I was mad about travel and growing up in Christchurch had my large map pinned to the wall dreaming of where I would want to go to. I saved up fast and worked two jobs to get me on my first flight on Air New Zealand Flight NZ 002 Auckland  to London refueling in Tahiti and Los Angeles on a 747-400. I was absolutely overwhelmed by the excitement of arriving in London and managed to go on a tour to France, Spain, Portugal and Morocco as well as a side trip to Wales and Belgium and then of course ran out of money. From there I vowed travel would be my future and  began with a large branded travel company within New Zealand and do no look back. I have been lucky to travel to great destinations, like Cuba, Uganda, the Bahamas, Jordan and of course the mighty United States. I tally up over 55 countries and know there is way more to see.