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Tori Melody

Lovely to meet you

Welcome all adventure seekers!

As your dedicated travel agent, I want to bring my wealth of passion and expertise to craft unforgettable adventure holidays that go beyond your typical vacation..

Specializing in authentic and immersive experiences for all, I want to ensure each journey broadens your horizons and fosters personal growth.. for I believe travel is not only the way to learn more about the world, but a way to learn more about ourselves!

So, whether you dream of exploring Europe's hidden gems by train, setting sail on a luxurious cruise, or diving into the magic of Disney, I can tailor every trip to any and all unique desires.

Allow me to guide you on a journey that will transform not just your travel experience, but also enrich your personal growth and perspective


Creating better holidays 

Whatever your travel dreams, I will work with you to create the best holiday possible. The holidays I specialise in include:

  • 18yr-30 Something Travel
  • Hiking Walking
  • Skiing
  • Adventure
  • Coach Touring
  • Small Ship Cruising
  • Expedition Cruising
  • Ocean Cruising
  • River Cruising
  • Couples Travel
  • Disney Holidays
  • Family Travel
  • Group Travel
  • Luxury Travel
  • Safaris
  • Solo Travel
  • Train Journeys

Where I've Been

ASIA: Bali, Indonesia | Malaysia/Borneo | Singapore | Thailand
AUSTRALIA: Brisbane, Queensland | Darwin/Red Centre | Gold Coast | Hobart, Tasmania | Melbourne, Victoria |  Sunshine Coast | Sydney, New South Wales
NORTH AMERICA: Hawai`i | Mexico | USA
SOUTH PACIFIC: Fiji | Rarotonga, Cook Islands | Samoa | Tahiti | Tonga 

What my customers have to say

  • Highly recommend! Tori was so nice and helpful. She took the time to answer all our questions and talk us through the different options. We left happy and well consulted!

Awards & qualifications

  • Cruise Line International Association
  • Blue Lagoon Cruises Specialist
  • Aussie Specialist
  • Fiji Specialist
  • Disney Specialist
  • Hawaii Specialist
  • Rail Expert
  • Tourism New Zealand
  • USA Discovery Programme
  • Los Angeles Insider Training
  • Las Vegas Specialist
  • Contiki Champs